The Nile River Basin Investment Programme

The Nile River Basin Investment Program (NR-BIP) is a strategic initiative under the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) designed to mobilize and coordinate investments for transboundary water resource management and development projects within the Nile Basin. The program aims to promote sustainable development, enhance regional cooperation, and improve the livelihoods of communities in the basin’s riparian countries.


  • Investment Mobilization: Attract and secure funding from international donors, development banks, and private sector investors for priority transboundary projects.
  • Project Preparation and Implementation: Support the preparation, design, and implementation of bankable projects that address key challenges in water resource management, energy, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.
  • Capacity Building: Enhance the technical, institutional, and managerial capacities of member states to effectively manage and implement investment projects.

Nile River-Basin Investment Programme Projects