Special Feature
Empowering Africa’s Future: The African Integrated High-Speed Railway Network

The special feature details several crucial rail infrastructure initiatives designed to enhance regional integration and economic growth across Africa. These projects, strategically selected within various regional economic communities like COMESA, EAC, ECCAS, SADC, ECOWAS, and IGAD, aim to improve connectivity across key cities and countries. Spanning Eastern, Western, Central, Southern, and Northern Africa, they bolster trade corridors and facilitate the movement of goods and people

Project Showcase
Development of a Continental Aviation Infrastructure Master Plan

The development of a continental aviation infrastructure master plan is a key component in operationalizing the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM). Launched in January 2018 by the 30th Summit of AU Heads of State, this plan includes two major components: Aviation Infrastructure and a Seamless African Airspace Architecture.

Infrastructure News & Updates
AUDA-NEPAD & NR-BIP Strengthen Infrastructure Data Management

In a collaborative Partnership between AUDA-NEPAD and the Nile River Basin Investment Programme (NR-BIP), supported by GIZ, a series of training sessions were launched, aimed at building the capacity of stakeholders in using the AID.

Project Showcase
Walvis Bay Port New Container Terminal

The Walvis Bay Port New Container Terminal in Namibia represents a significant development in the African maritime sector. This project, undertaken to expand the capacity and efficiency of the Walvis Bay Port, is a strategic move to enhance Namibia’s position as a key logistics hub in the region

The African Infrastructure Database

Providing detailed insights into transformative infrastructure projects across Africa, the African Infrastructure Database (AID) facilitates informed decision-making and strategic investment in key areas of transportation, energy, water and ICT which are crucial for Africa’s infrastructure advancement.


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